Our Mission

95Percent creates easy-to-understand whitepapers on complex, technical topics. Our papers summarize and offer a point-of-view on a wide range of topics. We always assume our reader has no prior knowledge or expertise. We mainly focus on topics from Technology, Science, Business and Policy. We collaborate with domain experts to produce each paper.

Donate to our Patreon to support our mission to simplify and spread knowledge. We prioritize topics based on relevance, availability of information, and donor preference. You can also email us to request new topics. Are you a world expert in a topic? Are you world-class at simplifying information? Did you already write a paper in the 95Percent style? Email us to collaborate: info@95percent.io.

In the past, we simplified topics and wrote papers for our employer. We got really good at it, and soon started simplifying topics for other private entities. Effective January 2018, we share all papers with the public via our website (95percent.io). Our first public paper focuses on Blockchain Technology. If the community responds positively, we will continue to publicly research, write, and publish papers on the long-list of topics in our backlog.

Our standard is simple. After you’ve read a 95Percent paper, you should understand that paper’s topic better than 95% of others. We hope to inspire you to go out and learn more.